What is freelancing and freelancer job

What is freelancing and freelancer? Whether you want to be your own boss, want to work remotely, work from anywhere, or work on multiple jobs at once. Your way to all of that is self-employment. In other words, to be a FreeLancer. You can work a few hours a month or arrange full time. Or self-employed part-time. But it is essential that you prepare yourself for independent or self-employment in a good and thoughtful way.

This article will be your guide to understanding what is freelancing or what is a freelancer. And how to find the jobs you need. The characteristics needed to succeed as a freelancer. It will also be a guide for entrepreneurs to choose the most suitable of freelancers.

What is a freelancer or freelance work

So what is a freelancer? The well-known meaning of a freelance job. A job in which a person works for his own account, and not for a company or self employee. For example, a freelance translator is responsible for all kinds of work that the regular employee does not do. Like setting his working hours. Keep track of the time he spends on his various projects etc.

That is why the self-employed worker is not considered as a companies worker. It is considered like a contractor.

There are many different terms that you should be aware of during your freelancing like you can describe yourself such as:

Independent: with a temporary contract, Not a full time employee.

An independent contractor: where the terms of your employment are defined by a contract with a company.

Temporary consaltant: A person who is appointed for temporary advice on specific issues within the company.

Test Employment Contract: A job that starts as an independent contractor but can change the contract and become a regular employee if all goes well.

Below we will discuss together what are the most common professional self-employment fields. for example, many companies, institutions and government agencies that hire translators. Other companies hire designers, others to develop websites, and others for programming. You will find work for every job imaginable, and freelance jobs range from small temporary projects to long-term, full-time projects.

Fields of self-employment

There are many areas of self-employment, and we have compiled the most important of them, under which many branches fall. For example, translation can be divided into translating websites and translating articles for many languages. Legal, engineering, medical translation, etc., here are the most important areas of freelancing as follows:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Writing
  • customers service
  • computer and information technology
  • Medical and health advice
  • Editing and writing creative articles
  • Human Resources and employment
  • Distance education and training
  • Graphic designer
  • translation
  • website development and CMS like wordpress
  • programmer
  • e-marketing
  • Audio and video, especially YouTube
  • Data Entry
  • Remote technical support
  • Architecture, interior design and decoration

The most in-demand fields, according to Upwork, the most powerful freelance sites, are a software developer, writer, digital marketer, web and mobile developer, and graphic designer.

How to become a freelancer

After knowing what a freelancer is, you must determine whether freelancing is right for you or not. Freelancing has its advantages and disadvantages. And you must possess a certain mindset to be independent. You will be your own boss but you must be disciplined and reliable. You have to set your work times in the sense of making a schedule so that you can take a day off whenever you want. And you have to know that the work of the freelancer is not a job, there is no such thing as a paid vacation.

If you want to be independent you must maintain a daily work routine, be willing to juggle several projects at once and constantly look for new ones to keep the business consistent.

And if you work in a private or public job, do not rush and leave your job. Instead, you can combine freelance work and career work so that you can collect enough clients before thinking about leaving your other job, and do not forget to have clients on more than one work platform. And not just one platform, because there may be a sudden problem with one of the platforms and you can be stopped suddenly and without warning from the owners of those sites.

You should also work from convenient locations with stable employment. You should search at social networking websites like LinkedIn for a projects because it can be a very good source for many of your projects, and you should post your work on it and your good ratings as well.

Freelance websites are popular because they allow you to easily connect with clients who are looking for freelancers, there are always jobs available. Just remember to read the policies of those freelancer websites because they offer protection for both the self-employed and those who hireing too. Every project you undertake is a mini contract, and you and the client must abide by its terms.

Don’t forget to build your profile well and take your time to create a professional one that your clients will see, your skills and experience is a must. Make it nice for the reader, and then make a list of your own skills, experience, and accomplishments. Explain why you think you are the right person for such a job / jobs, given your variety of skills.

You should specify your price if you are new and has a few years of experience. You can’t charge the same price as freelancers with multiple freelancing experiences. After that start searching for projects and clients actively and vigorously.

Important requirements for self-employment

Freelance work requires good time management. With the fact that your workplace should be away from noise and other factors while working. You must choose a room away from children, specify the time of work in which should not be interrupted.

and you should also possess some Characteristics such as patience and a good search for choosing the right projects. You should also take note of the project owners’ evaluations of their hiring and ratings of other freelancers. So as not to enter the dark tunnel and waste your time.

You should also remember to read the agreement between you and the independent site carefully. Where some sites make some important demands. such as proof of completion of the project and not dealing with the project owner outside the platform. And that’s what you need to take care of so you don’t end up getting pushed off the platform.

Tips for a successful freelancer

Do not let the thought of geting money overwhelm you, because often when you think about getting the largest possible amount of wages. you do not give the quality required for the work and therefore you can anger the customer, which reduces your reputation. and positive comments.

Set your price and stick to it and often your prices should be by the hour, start by determining the price you need or want to earn, then search independent websites to see if this price is appropriate in your field and ask those who Work before you in this work, remember that when you start you will need to reduce your price To build your reputation, try to get a good reputation with on-time delivery and quality, and build a client list.

Patience is the key to success. If you want to stay for a long time in the freelance business, you have to strengthen yourself, many of the freelancer projects are rejected and the projects themselves can be rejected after their implementation, and you will have to wait for long days to get a response from clients and you will probably be rejected in most The jobs you apply for and your work is often criticized, and some clients will take a long time to pay you, so calm your nerves and calm your thoughts, and change your place in case such things happen, so that you give yourself a new boost of energy and do not forget to continue to Learn new skills.

Flexibility is one of the most important requirements of working as a freelancer. What you really need in self-employment is to be flexible in your approach and style in order to survive, clients do not care about your obligations and care for your children and do not care about your personal life, and they do not care if you hate working on the holiday, all they care about getting the job done.

Learn how to talk to your clients and writing a good introductions for the project to build long-term relationships, but this is not enough. You will also need to learn how to behave politely. Not all clients are generous. Sometimes you have to deal with clients who do not tolerate of anything and those who criticize your work and ask for remake. When dealing with such situations, you must be able to remain calm and respond politely. If improvement is requested, do not start defending yourself or complaining and finding excuses, just apologize politely and go back to work and start over.

The Portfolio profile is very important and you must take care of and organize. Put your important projects at the beginning of this file to appear to employers. When you apply for any project, do not forget after mentioning your skills, mention some of your important projects and make reference to those projects and show it to the project owner to review your gallery or profile and see more skills. do not forget to provide detailed information for each project you produced, and update your projects that was recently accomplished regularly to reflect your skills, you can also write and show your projects in the form of stories and tell in each story what was presented in that service.

No to arrogance and constantly, remind yourself that you are not better than anyone else. Having too much ego can lead to death. Have confidence in your skills and abilities but believing that you dont know everything, thinking that you are better than everyone else could mean the end of your career. Don’t pretend to be an expert and be prepared. For constant learning, every day brings something new in every thing, which means that with the stroke of a pen everything can change, so try to gain more experience as a freelancer, to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Establish a good relationship with your clients. Understand your real business Build a long-term partnership can lead to repeat business This is why you must keep in mind when creating a relationship with your clients to do quality work to satisfy the client, you will need to find solutions to any problems and effective communication with the client to create a strong relationship, good work encourage clients to continue working with you for future projects, do not skimp on communicating with them after the project is finished to see if any problems arise and show the ability to help, finish work on time and provide accurate results that enable you to build confidence and show your client that he can rely on you in the future.

Apply only for jobs you trust your ability to do, dont apply for a project that you cannot complete on time with satisfactory results, you build your reputation from scratch in the beginning, and it is important to get positive customer feedback, when you apply for jobs, be sure to formulate A great, relevant project letter explaining why you chose this job or project and highlighting skills and experience relevant to the requirements. Over time, freelance platforms will reward the highest rated people with badges, lower fees, and access to tailored job offers, so it is in your best interest to make your clients happy.

There is a trick when starting your freelance work, which is to agree with some colleagues to implement projects among you and get a good evaluation, so that you get a quick opportunity on freelance sites, but remember that this evaluation will not affect as long as your work is not perfect because the real customers will not be your friends.

Distinctive features and disadvantages of self-employment

Every job has its pros and cons, and freelance work is no different than any other work, it also has its advantages and disadvantages.


Among the advantages of freelance work that you can control the workload, who you work with, and your income, and this is one of the best advantages of freelancing.

Selectivity where you have the freedom to choose clients, when you work independently, you will be the leader of yourself, and you can determine the jobs that you can do, the clients you want to work for, and the value of your salary, and of course it all depends on your level of experience, and it is also possible to work part-time or full time.

Flexibility and working remotely from anywhere and at a time that you specify is one of the most important advantages of freelance work, in most cases, you will be working on independent projects through your home office and during the hours you choose, and there will certainly be deadlines that you must adhere to, but you will decide when where do you work.

The possibility of achieving unlimited profits without transportation costs without being restricted to formal work clothes and others.

It helps to broaden the horizon by working for different companies and clients.

It helps to move away from the functional policies of companies.

After two or three projects with good reviews it will be easier to find work through different websites


One of the cons of self-employment is that despite your complete control, there may become additional responsibilities. As a freelancer, you are a business owner, and you need to follow up on taxes, bills and payments received, find your health insurance, and purchase all the software and hardware you need to complete your work, in addition to paying the monthly internet With good and stable capacity.

Often there is a serious downside to self-employment, which is that in some months it will be full of work, while in other months it may be completely useless, you may depend on a fixed contract with one client, and you may suddenly find him no longer needed to you.

Feeling isolated and struggling of getting new services.

Dealing with multiple clients instead of having one business manager and sometimes you won’t be able to get time off.

Manage every aspect of the business such as sales, marketing, contracts, troubleshooting technology and if any taxes you will be responsible for crediting and paying etc.

There are no helth ashorance and no one to support you if you are sick.

No eligibility for unemployment benefits.

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