How to choose the best WordPress theme for your website

Haw to choose a good developper and designer for your website? Is It Good To Choose a right theme from wordpress themes at Themeforest Instead of that, Choosing a developer and designer and develope a website from scratch not the best choise, let me explain to you why this is considered an incorrect path. Your Website all thee time will alwayes exposed to hackers and brute force attacks that will come to your site and destroy it completely.

Here comes the role of expertise and technical support to fix the technical defects of the template, and no matter how professional the developer is, he will not be able to know many solutions to these gaps unless there are thousands of users of the template itself, and this does not happen with the template designed and developed specifically for you.

The developer of the template, no matter how efficient he is, will not reach the efficiency of the developers of the ready-made WordPress themes, which are used by many customers, and therefore there will be many repairs and updates to the template, based on what thousands of customers are exposed to and not a single customer, and therefore the template will be safe and stronger in stages than the specially designed and developed template for you.

Your next question will be that developing a template for you only will not have a similarity at all, and let me help you change your concept of ready-made WordPress themes, as one theme can be changed into thousands of shapes and you will not be able to know the type of template for each site as each one is completely different from the other and here Like, this is my site, which was made with the template of Jannah, and it is as you see it now, so look at the following site, which is a site for a colleague that uses the same template.

jannah theme 2

This is another jannah theme.

jannah theme 3

The theme can also be redesigned from the front end with codes that will change its shape as you want, that will not affect the theme files that hackers interest to to hack at your website, this applies to e-commerce sites and e-learning platforms sites eather.

Features of ready-made wordpress themes

Integrate with important plugins for your site, this will only be found with experts who have been exposed to many situations until they reach the best integration with the best plugins.

With ready-made WordPress themes forums, you can easily solve any problem that you encounter because there are many users who have experienced problems and have already solved them.

Documentation from A to Z with technical support for the template always

Reviews by users of these themes and many comments to see how powerful the theme is.

How to get the best wordpress themes

In order to get a unique theme, you can search through Google search engine easily for the best WordPress themes on ThemeForest, just type the following:

Best RTL {type of theme, whether it is news, e-commerce, or many others} theme from themeforest

This will get you the best themes, but remember to also choose the Best Seller tab after getting these theme link from ThemeForest .

What you should do before buying a wordpress theme

Choosing the right person to install this theme for you from freelance sites, its preferable to choose a developer and designer so that he can access exactly what you want for the general appearance of the site.

Know the actual template speed before buying it, but for e-commerce WordPress templates, it will be less fast no matter how much you try to increase its speed due to the presence of a lot of products and the WooCommerce extension is not fast enough, test the speed on mobile phones and integration with Google AMP if possible

Having many pre-made shapes (demo) for the theme, so you get exactly the shape you want for your website.

You should consider the plugins that integrate with the template such as translation plugins and page builder plugins, integration with WooCommerce, of course and the presence of sliders and, ideally, it integrates with the slider revolution.

And, of course, its support for your country language and the presence of a template to protect the site from being exposed to a change in the design in case of updating the template.

6 months technical support and good documentation updated with each new version of the template.

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