The most famous Arab computer scientists, developers and programmers

Translated by Mohamed Hussein:

In the Arab world, programming is gradually growing; it is in a slow but reasonable manner. There are many Arab bright minds in all sorts of fields. Nonetheless, Computer Programming and Development is among the most important fields at present. In this article, we will review the most famous Arab programmers, computer scientists and developers and their achievements.

Mahmoud Samir Fayed

In the first place and beyond dispute, is this wonderful young man Mahmoud Samir Fayed. He has made an extraordinary achievement that will not only pass across generations, but it will keep them talking generation after generation. This achievement is the ability to program applications without coding, thus opening the way for many young people around the world to obtain a new source of income, and for this reason, he is one of the most famous Arab programmers.

His accomplishments

• No-code programming, free and open-source technology in 2005, globally called PWCT.

• A programming language called Supernova in 2009. It was distributed as a free, open-source project.

• A programming language named Ring in 2013. It was distributed as a free, open-source project.

• The Network Hotspot Algorithm in 2013-2014.

• Journal of Visual Languages and Computing (JVLC)

Taher El-Gamal

Dr. Taher El-Gamal is one of the most famous computer scientists in the world; he has performed many algorithms at many international universities. Therefore, he is among the most powerful Arab programmers to this day.

His accomplishments

• A scientific article entitled Cryptography and electronic signing based on the 1985 algorithms.

• Developed the intermittent algorithm. It is the basis of the digital signature algorithm (DSA) and was adopted by NIST.

• Helped develop credit card payment protocol.

• Worked as a chief scientist at Netscape Communications. SSL Main Engine.

• Senior member of the board of directors of the wellknown Sales Forces company.


Globally speaking, Rana Al-Qaliyubi has made many scientific achievements through the world’s largest institute (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT), from which the world’s most famous scientist has graduated and is one of the best known Arab programmers.

Her Achievements

  • She invented artificial intelligence through the computer to recognize human feeling based on facial expressions and reactions.
  • She developed, through (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT) labs, technology applications for emotion in many areas, such as mental health and autism.
  • Many of her works have been published in global magazines such as Wired, Forbes, The New Yorker, CNN, Time, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.


This glorious scientist, Dr. Nabil Ali, should have been mentioned at the beginning of the article, but because young people are looking into the present and forgetting the past, I mentioned him next, he’s an aeronautical engineer, but he’s moved into the field of computers to be one of the first Arabs in modern times, he was the first person to introduce airline auto-booking systems in the Arab region, he was the originator of “sahkr” for computers, he worked in the beginnings of artificial intelligence and its applications, especially in Arabic, he also designed more than 20 pedagogical and educational programs.

His Compositions

  •  Research study on Arabic and computer, 1998.
  • Arabs and Information Age, 1994.
  • Arab Culture and Information Age, 2001.
  • The Digital Gap, 2005.
  • The Arabic Mind and Knowledge Society, 2009.


Ali Shath is one of the first to advocate for open source software and is a founding member of the Society for Open Source Software.

His Contributions

Technical and material support for the following projects and initiatives, Field of Education, Noon Creative Enterprise, Mash’hed Cultural Society, Green Egypt Life, Alwan, Awtar, South Center for Human Rights (SCHR), Project Mars, Sout El-Nouba journal, S3-Geeks’ portal, and much more.

Basel Khartabil

Basel Khartabil or Al-Safadi is a Palestinian software developer who has been working in the field of open sources, specialized in developing open-source software, and also worked as a technical director for the first hacker lab in Damascus, Aiki Lab, as well as a technical director for Al-Aws Publishing Company; a research publishing institution specializing in archaeological sciences and arts in Syria. He has a lot of experience in handling Mozilla Firefox, Open Clip Art, and others.

Fouad Badawy

Fouad Badawy is very famous for whoever loves WordPress sites. He is the owner of the most well-known templates in the world in terms of sales, which he himself has developed, such as Janna, Sahifa and Jarida templates.

In conclusion, there are many persons who have made a lot of achievements in the field of computers, but those are the most famous in the Arab world. I also shall never forget Osama Al-Zero; the owner of Zero Web School Channel to teach all kinds of programming and development. He is a gifted, beloved and renowned person who studies well.

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