The best WordPress e-store themes used in the largest sites 2022

Translated by Mohamed Hussein
I have treated and tested many themes used for e-commerce as an online e-store, and I found out that they are a million times better than private design and development, and this is due to many solutions that these themes possess. So, after having created a website, you must choose a ready-made theme for several reasons that will be provided for in detail in this article, among such themes are regular stores and multi-vendor e-stores, and each has many potentials.

Why is a ready-made theme much better than a special one?

The reasons for this are countless, including the following:

Technical support at the highest levels, given their vast experience. The number of sales of the theme and its use in many sites, lead to the presence of expertise, and you should not think that any of such sites is similar to the other. The general shape is completely different for each site, which can be controlled quite easily through the features of the theme.

The ability to increase it and change the design using CSS and JavaScript. New capabilities can be added by integrating an extension specially developed for you.

Integration with popular plugins, and you will never find this with normal development, since it requires a work team and long months, and an individual cannot effortlessly complete it unless he is a robot.

Comprehensive documentation of how to deal with the theme, and this is not offered even by large corporations, and you will find many videos explaining the theme, its features and settings, whether by its developers or at many YouTube channels.

There are no loopholes for the ready-made theme, such as that of the theme developed by an individual or company. Such loopholes, if any, can be hacked into your site and entirely destroyed.

ThemeForest cannot sacrifice its reputation, nor does it guide you to the best themes in all categories and not just e-commerce.

You can figure out the best themes in all categories by searching Google readily, and the results will appear to you at the beginning of the search page, but remember when you enter the ThemeForest website and access the best themes, choose the Best Sellers tab, until you reach the distinctive themes tested by many, and do not forget also to read the comments and see the rating of the theme as well as the number of its ratings.

Important factors for distinguishing an online e-store theme

Among the most significant factors behind a success of a theme as an online e-store are the following:

Comprehensive integration with WooCommerce and all of its many other plugins.

Integration with WP Bakery and Elementor to build pages.

Integration with WPML or Polylang for translation to other languages.

Integration with Slider revolution if possible.

A presence of the Child Theme which is very important and extremely dangerous so that the theme is not affected when it is updated and does not lose its settings.

Many layouts for its Layouts with a large library of demos.

Integration with multi-vendor if you choose a multi-vendor theme.

Integration with SEO plugins.

Updated to the latest WordPress versions.

Technical support and theme explanation documents.

Last but not least, it should support Arabic language of course, and RTL (Right-to-left script) Languages.

Best Ecommerce themes

MartFury theme

It is a wonderful template in the true sense of the word, and it is used as a multi-vendor online e-store, as well as a commercial market at the highest levels. It guarantees all aforementioned success factors, in addition to its integration with the Dokan extension, and many features to deal with e-commerce. It supports Ajax and mailchimp site for sending several messages via the latest products and offers, and contact form 7 to create “contact us” pages and forms and all other useful forms for the store, and finally, YITH and many more potentials that need another particular separate article.

MartFury theme on ThemeForest

Porto Theme

The theme is number one and foremost e-commerce and is used as a single e-store, for multi-use purposes and not only as an e-store. It assures all the aforementioned distinctive factors and also integration with several important add-ons such as Mailpoet, bbPress, BuddyPress, WP Super cache and other add-ons, along with many other features.

Porto Template on ThemeForest

WoodMart theme

It is a theme that can be used as a multi-vendor online e-store. It supports the Dokan extension and has all above stated features and success factors, with Google Maps elements, added elements for WPBakery, Parallax, many widgets, and many other capabilities.

WoodMart theme on ThemeForest

Elessi template

One of the premium themes that have all the previously stated success factors, in addition to being compatible with the latest versions of PHP and has a multicolor, elements added to WPBakery, Google Fonts, Font Awesome, Ajax search and many other capabilities.

Elessi theme on ThemeForest

Cena e-store theme

It is a distinct theme among the ones I have used and it guarantees all the above-mentioned success factors, with some features such as compatibility with popular browsers, integration with mailchimp, Ajax search and multicolor. However, among its drawbacks are old documents, at this writing, but this problem can be avoided with some experience.

Cena Store theme on ThemeForest

All things considered, these are the best themes that can be used as single and multi-vendor e-store, and they are highly rated and have regular updates to avoid any defects that might appear, and good luck.

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